Upper Longdon

In 1002 known as ‘Upper Langandune’’ (upper long hill or down) [The Oxford Names Companion]

Upper Longdon  1m E of Longdon, nowadays, this is very much a place of upmarket houses. On the main street are the stables of Reg HOLLINSHEAD, where racehorses are trained, and it is a common sight to see them being ridden out. Mr HOLLINSHEAD also runs a school for apprentice jockeys here. Upper Longdon had a windmill. It was first mentioned in 1806 and thought have ceased working in about 1900. In 1973 the tower was converted into a house called Cosy Cottage by the addition of a circular brick bungalow around the base. [A Guide to STAFFORDSHIRE & THE BLACK COUNTRY THE POTTERIES & THE PEAK – Michael RAVEN 2004]