Over the last 16 years, members of the Group have transcribed a large number of records from Burntwood and its surrounding towns and villages, including indexes or full transcriptions of many parish and non-conformist registers, school admission registers, hospital burial registers and monumental inscriptions. Many of these are now available for purchase on CD.

Each CD is available at a cost of £4.00 to members and £5.00 to non members. These costs include packaging and posting within the United Kingdom. For the cost of packaging and posting outside the United Kingdom, please contact us.

To purchase one or more of our transcription CDs, please contact us with your name, address, telephone number and E-mail address and the publication(s) required. We will then contact you with payment options. Normally payment is by cheque, payable in sterling made payable to 'Burntwood Family History Group', or by bank transfer.

As with all efforts to transcribe old, sometimes difficult to read documents, errors can occur. If you find an error, contact us with the details of the error and the correction to be made. Corrections will then be made for future editions of that CD.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with a CD please contact us. 

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