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As a Member of The Federation of Family History Societies, we have contributed frequently to the National Burial Index (NBI) for England and Wales, transcribing local burial records for Burntwood and the surrounding area.

The right hand column lists some of the burial records Burntwood Family History Group has transcribed and submitted to the National Burial Index:


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"Over my dead body!"

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Burntwood, Christchurch
25th July 1820 - 5th June 1931
3,109 burials

Burntwood Christchurch.jpg

Farewell, Saint Bartholomew
22nd May 1695 - 14th December 1812
898 burials

Farewell St Bartholomew's Church.jpg

Gentleshaw, Christchurch
7th January 1838 - 20th April 1979
1,601 burials

Gentleshaw Christchurch.jpg

Norton Canes, Saint James
26th May 1757 - 24th November 1812
494 burials

Norton Canes St James the Great.jpg

Hammerwich, Saint John
10th June 1726 - 27th December 1812
1,557 burials

Hammerwich, Saint John
9th January 1813 - 29th March 1950
1,600 burials

Hammerwich St John Church.jpg