Lichfield Pigot's Co's National Commercial Directory for 1828-29


AN ancient city and county itself, bounded on every side by that part of the county of Stafford which lies within the hundred of Offlow north, as 120 miles from London, 67 from Manchester, 30 from Newcastle, 16 from Stafford and Wolverhampton, 9 from Walsall and seven from Rugeley, and Tamworth, situated in a fine and fertile valley, and nearly in the centre of England. The origin of this city has occasioned much learned controversy: Bede one of our most ancient writers, calls it ‘Lich-field, or the field of carcases’ or ‘field of the dead,’ from a tradition that 1000 British Christians suffered martyrdom here in the time of the emperor Diocletian. Dr. STUKELEY derives the etymology of the name from the LICH, a Saxon word, which signifies a morass; and other controversialists say it was called by the Saxons Licet-feld, from its then marshy situation. But whatever may have been the origin of the city, it derived its first importance from the Mercian kings, and was erected into a bishopric by OSWY, in the year 665; OFFA, king of Mercia, in 785 exalting it to an archiepiscopal see. By a charter of Edward VI, in 1547, Lichfield was elevated to the dignity of a city & corporation, which also restored to the burgesses the privilege of sending numbers to parliament, of which they had been deprived from the year 1354. When James II in his arbitrary deprivation of the rights of Englishmen, required the surrender of the ancient charters, he granted them a new one, with some reservation; but in 1688 he published a proclamation, restoring to the corporation their ancient privileges. It having been made county, by a charter granted by Queen Mary, and by that of Charles II, it was decided to be governed by two bailiffs and twenty-one brethren; they are employed to elect a recorder and high steward, who are magistrates during life, and have power, together with bailiffs and justices, to hold courts of goal delivery, and award judgement of death or other punishment, and that no other judges or justices shall have power in the city. The corporation are empowered to elect one of the citizens to serve the office of sheriff of the city and county. Courts of record are held weekly, the quarter sessions are held at the usual times, and the court of goal delivery as occasion may require. The bailiffs for the time being are lords of the manor, which is co-extensive with the county. The city returns two members of parliament; the right of election, as determined by the House of Commons in 1718, is in the bailiff, magistrates, freeholders of 40s. Per annum, all that held burgage tenures, and freemen of the city paying scot and lot; the number of electors is about 900, and the sheriff is the returning officer. The representatives returned at the election in 1826 were General Sir George ANSON and George Granville Venables VERINO, sq. On the northern side of the city, beyond a beautiful sheet of water, stands the cathedral, presenting to the admiring spectator is sculptured western front, in all the majesty of the pointed order. It is adorned with rich painted windows, both ancient and modern, and contains numerous monuments of excellent workmanship. Dr. WILKES dates the origin of the cathedral as far back as the year 657; it is governed by the dean and six cannons, who constitute the chapter, and hold their court every alternative Friday, to hear and determine causes. The Close is a peculiar jurisdiction, distinct from and independent of the City of Lichfield and the county of Stafford, the dean and cannons being sole justices within its precincts. Before the civil war, between Charles I, and the parliament, there were many alter tombs of bishops and other eminent characters, interred in the cathedral, and above one hundred coats of arms and other heraldic ornaments, in painted glass in the windows, all of which were defaced or destroyed by the licentious soldiery belonging to the republican army. There are three parish churches, viz. St. Mary’s, a vicarage, in the gift of the dean and chapter, of which the Rev. Baptist John PROBY is the vicar; St. Chad’s, a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the vicar of St. Mary’s, and incumbency of the Rev. Henry WHITE; and St. Michael’s also, a perpetual curacy, in the same presentation as St. Chad’s and the Rev. Edward SIMEON Remington is the incumbent. The other places of worship are, a meeting house each for the independent and Wesleyan Methodists, and a Roman catholic chapel. The scholastic and charitable institutions are, a free grammar school, founded by Queen Elizabeth; an English school, founded in 1667, for sixty boys; and several national schools. Here are many alms-houses, endowed by benevolent persons; an ancient hospital for thirteen poor men; and another for fifteen poor women, without pensioners. In Bore-street is a Guildhall, a neat edifice of stone, with a pediment adorned with the city arms. The front of the hall is spacious, behind which are apartments in which the members of the corporation transact public business; and underneath is a gaol, in which debtors and felons apprehended within the limits of the county of Lichfield are confined. The market-house is a light and convenient building of stone, erected on the spot formally occupied by the market cross. The city is not remarkable for its variety of manufacturers, but it has an excellent local trade, and the grounds around produce a great abundance of vegetables, Ec. Which supply the populous neighbouring towns. The breed of cattle is of a very superior kind, and the agriculture of this neighbourhood has arrived to high perfection. Here is a large manufactory for carpets, under the firm of Hitchcock & Sultzer; and the town receives advantage by the Wyrley and Essington canal, that passes near the city, opening an extensive communication by the Grand trunk with distant inland towns and sea.

A neat theatre was erected in Bore-street, in 1790; and there are horse races annually, which are most respectably attended. The city is well supplied with excellent water, and well paved and lighted; although the streets are but narrow and are clean, and the houses neat, the general appearance of the town bearing about it an air of comfort and respectability, while its environs are enlivened with many well laid out gardens and agreeable walks. Passing near Minster pool,, in the fields leading to Stowe, is seen a large willow tree, now much decayed, called ‘Johnson’s willow,’ said to have been planted by the late Dr. Samuel JOHNSON; and opposite to the market-house is a stuccoed house, remarkable as the birth-place of the learned individual; besides whom were born in Lichfield, Bishops SMALLBRIDGE and NEWTON, and Elias ASHMOLE, the celebrated antiquary; and here Addison and Garrick passed many of the early years of their life. The city and its neighbourhood

has long been distinguished for the salubrity of its air, the fertility of its soil, and the pleasing diversity of prospects which present themselves in all directions; and its no less noted for the number of highly respected families resident in the city and contiguous to it. The market days are Tuesday and Friday, the former is chiefly for butter and eggs, and the latter for those necessaries, besides corn and all other articles of domestic consumption. There are four fairs held annually within the city, by ancient charter, viz. On Ash Wednesday and the 12th of May, which are well supplied with cattle, sheep, cheese and other agricultural produce, Yorkshire cloths, pedlary, Ec. The other two fairs are on Friday, in the week after St Simon and St Jude, and on Friday after twelfth day, but there are little more than nominal. By the parliamentary returns for 1821, the city of Lichfield contained 6,075 inhabitants, consisting of 2,868 males and 3,207 females.

POST OFFICE, Bird-street, Henry Haywood, Post Master. – LETTERS TO LONDON are despatched every morning at half-past eight, and arrive every morning at nine (Monday excepted.) – TO BIRMINGHAM, letters are despatched every afternoon at two, and arrive every morning at half-past seven. – TO CHESTER and HOLHEAD, letters are despatched every morning at ten, and arrive every afternoon at half-past three. – TO LIVERPOOL, letters are despatched every morning at nine, and arrive every morning at half-past eight. – TO SHEFFIELD, letters are despatched every morning at eight, and arrive every afternoon at two. – TO WOLVERHAMPTN, letters are despatched every afternoon at half-past two, and arrive every morning at half-past 7.
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Acland Hugh Dyke, Esq. Close Anglesey
The Most Noble the Marquis of, Beaudesert
Arden Mrs. Wm. Longcroft hall
Arkwright Charles, esq. Dunstall
Aspwell Mrs. Ann, Bridge
Atkinson John, esq. Maplehays
Bagot Miss Ann, Close
Bailye Rev. Hugh, Close
Bayley John, gent. St. John st
Bayley Miss Frances, Beacon st
Bayley Miss Sarah, St. John st
Binfield Rev. John, Longdon
Breynton John, esq. ‘Haunch hall
Brookes Rev. Lee, Friary
Buckeridge Mrs, Elizabeth, Close
Case Mrs. Eliza, Shenstone moss
Chadwick Hugo, esq. Malvesyn Ridw
Clelland Mrs. Mary, Beacon st
Cooper Rev. Edw. Hamstall Ridware
Corbett Miss Carol. Fotherly hall
Cotton Henry, gent. Sandford st
Dyott Lient. Gen. W,. Freeford
Floyer Rev. Trevor Burns, Aldershaw
Fornival Miss Francess D. Stow hill
Gardner Rev. Lawrence, Close
Gordon Rev. Wm. jun. Close
Gordon Rev. Wm. sen. Close
Greene Thos. Webb, esq. St. John st
Gresley Richd. Esq. Stowe House
Grove Edw. Esq. Shenstone Park
Hall Mrs. Maria. St John st
Hall thos, Kirkpatrick. Esq. Hollybush hall
Hamp Mrs. Ann, Market st
Hargreaves Rev. James, Shenstone
Harwood Rev. Thos. St John st
Hill Mrs. Mary, Beacon st
Hinckley Arthur, esq. Hints
Holmes Miss, Close
Holworthy Rev, Saml. Croxall
Horton Willmott, esq. Catton hall
Howard Hon. Col. F. G. Elford hall
Hudson Thomas, gent. Wade st
Hussey Phineas, esq. Wyrley hall grov
Ironmonger Mrs. Sarah A. St John st
Jackson Edward, gent. Boar st
Jervis Misses Jane & Kitty, Vicarage
Jones John, gent. Beacon st
Kirk Rev. John, St John st
Lane John Newton, esq. King’s Bromley hall
Lawley Sir Robert. Bart. Canwell
Levett Rev. Thomas, Packington

Lomax . T. G., Bird st
Morgan William, Market st
Barnes Stephen, Boar st
Dix John, Dam st
Elmes Thomas, Tamworth st
Gough James, Beacon st
Henry Thomas, Sandford st
Keen Ann, Market st
Marshall John, Beacon st
Noon Henry, Gresley row
Sedgwick James, Bird st
Siddons Thomas, Tamworth st
Simms John, Dam st
Stokes John, Wade st
Taylor Thomas, Tamworth st
Tomlinson John, Market st
Willdey Nicholas, Boar st
Willdey Nicholas, Beacon st
(See also Ironmongers.)
Evans William, Market st
Hawkins Richard, Tamworth st
Naden James, Dam st
Johnson Ambrose, Boar st
Thompson John, Dam st
Worrell George, Market st
Barlow Sarah & Son, Gresley row
Birch William, Sandford st
Bird William, Beacon st
Bonell Joseph (and carpenter and pump maker) Guy Jane
Bonell Thomas (and carpenter and pump maker) Bacon street
Cooper George (and surveyor) St John st
Crompton Wm. (& maltster) Frog la
Gorton William, George lane
Naden Alice, Sandford st
Smith William, Gresley row
Allsop William, Boar st
Benton Thomas, Butcher row
Brown John, Sandford st
Hill Ann, Market st
Patsam Thos. & Daul, Tamworth st
Potts Hugo, Green hill
Stanley Thomas, Tamworth st
Waldren William, Beacon st
Wilcox Barnaby, Butcher row
Wright William, Butcher row
Brassington Stephen (and furniture broker Bird street
Harris Richd. Bread market st
Prynn William, Dam st
Wakelin Hugh, Dam st
Walker Charles, Beacon st
Winter Samuel, Market st
Beech Thomas, Beacon st
Blood Hy. (& wheelwright) Beacon st
Bonell John, Beacon st
Cooper George, St. John st
Yates Joseph, Sandford st
Hitchcock & Sultzer (7 manufactrs. of knitting yarns, Ec.) Tamworth street and Pones Mill
Stripling William, Bird st
Watkin Benjamin, Butcher row
Edwards John, Market st
Kirk Thomas (manufacturing chymist) St. John st
Ready Thomas, Tamworth st
Walton Henry B. Tamworth st
Walton Thomas, Market st

Hinde George William, Sandford st
Lomax T. G. Bird st
Morgan William Market st
Chinn Henry, esq. Close
Chinn Thos. Butler, esq. Beacon st
Molt John, esq. Close
White Thomas, esq. Close
Porden Fras. & Son, Bird st
Daniel, Sandford st
Smith Thomas, Market st
Walker Thomas, Bird st
Dawes Elizabeth, St John st
Fowler Jos. (& baker) Gresley row
Gee Wm. (& earthenware. dlr.) Beacon st
Green William, Wade st
Insley Edw. (& poulterer) Market st
Lawley Jemima, Sandford st
Nuttall John, Beacon st
Page Joseph, Sandford st
Roberts Matthew, Beacon st
Spencer John, Beacon st
Walker Ann, Sandford st
Wharton Hannah & Eliz. Dam st
Woldren Edward, Sandford st
Johnson Joseph, Frog lane
Thompson John, Wade st
Dempster Ann Elizth, Tamworth st
Fern Robert, Market st
Allport John, Market st
Bingham Charles, Boar st
Chawner Charles, Dam st
Hewitt Halford Wm. Market st
Lishman Robert Wilson, Boar st
Morgan Simon, Boar st
Rowley Thomas, Boar st
Ward Walter, Market st
Barnard Wm. & Rd. St John st
Bayley Robert, Bird st
Brown Thomas, Market st
Emery Ann and John (& woollen drapers) Bird st
Fairbrother Henry, Dam st
Garrett John. Wade st
Jabet Peter, Sandford st
Larkin Margaret, Tamworth st
Middleton John, Market st
Osborne George, Boar st
Osborne William, St John st
Stevens George, Market st
Wright John, Wade st
Mallet Thos. (& grocer) Boar st
Sherratt John, Market st
Smith Richard, Tamworth st
Corbett Cotterell, Stow st
Acorn, James Shorter, Tamworth st
Angel, Joseph Shephard, Market st
Bald Buck, Edward Maddox, Green hill
Bear’s Head, Wm.Godwin, Bird st
Britannia, Thomas Smith, Stowe st
Bull’s Head, Jas. Dobbs, Tamworth st
Castle, John Cox, Market st
Chequers, John Acton, Stow st
City Arms, Wm. Stevens, St John sCoach & Horses, Saml. Derry, St John St
Coachmaker’s Arms, Jno. Heap, Lombard st
Dolphin, Henry Genders, Boar st
Duke of Wellington, Thos. Summerfield, Birmingham road
Duke of York, Thos. Heywood, Green hill
George & Dragon, Jno. Hustelow, Beacon st
George IV, George Aldritt, Boar st
Goat’s Head, Margaret Slater, Frog Lane
Gresley Arms, Edward Cork, Frog lane
Holly Bush, John Pickering, Tamworth st
Horse & Jockey, Jno. Meacham, Sandford st
King’s Arms, Jos Pickering, Tamworth st
Lord Nelson, Thos Roberts, St John st
Lord Rodney, Robert Gilbert, Wade st
Malt Shovel, Jas., Butcher row
Marquis of Anglesey, Thos. Richardson, St John st
Mitre, Thomas Gould, Tamworth st
Old Fountain, Thos. Gough, Beacon st

CARRIERS - Continued.
TO BARTON, William Geary, from the Goat’s Head, and – Dainty, from the Dolphin, every Friday afternoon
TO BIRMINGHAM, Mrs. Bates, from the King’s Head, every Wednesday & Friday – Joseph Boswood, from the Nelson, every Wednesday night – John Wakefield, from the Gresley Arms, every Tuesday and Friday mornings - & John Shackles from the Old Golden Ball, twice a-week.
TO BIRMINGHAM, UTTOXETER Ec.. Thomas Butler, from the King’s Head, every Tuesday.
TO BRISTOL and all parts of the West of England, G. Wheatcroft & Sons, Fly Wagons


Levett Theoph. esq. Wichnor park
Lister Miss Martha, Beacon st
Lister Thos. gent. Armitage park
Madan Col. Wm. Chas. Close
Madan Rev. Spencer, Close
Manley Jun. Shawe, esq. Thickbroom
Mayne Adjutant Robt. St. John st
Meynell Hugo Cs. Esq. Hoarcross hall
Mills Miss Elizth. Stowe house
Muckleston Rev. Jno. jun, Close
Muckleston Rev. John, sen. Close
Nares Archdeacon Robt. Close
Newling Rev. John, Close
Oakley Lady. Palace close
Oldershaw Mrs. Elizth. Dam st
Palmer Mrs. Mary, Lombard st
Parker capt. Wm. R. N. Shenstone ldg
Pearson Mrs. Elizth. Hill Ridware
Petit Mrs. Harriet, Tamworth st
Petit Rev. Jno. Lewis, Tamworth st
Proby Rev. Baptist John, Boar st
Remington Rev. Edw. Simeon, Close
Scott Lieut. Wm. Boar st
Scott Miss Ann, Pipe grange
Scott Mrs. Dorothea, Market st
Sherratt Mrs. Elizth. Boar st
Simpson Edward, esq. Close
Simpson Mrs. Maria, St John st
Smith Charles, esq. Close
Smith John, esq. Elmhurst hall
Smith Mrs. Alice, Lombard st
Smith Mrs.Eliz. Close
Smith Rev. Cowperthwaite, St John st
Sneyde Edw. Esq Berkley lodge
Snyde Rev. John, Elford
Starkey Mrs. Jane, Vicarage
Stripling Thos. esq, Beacon st
Swinfen John, esq, Swinfen hall
Taylor Robert, gent. Lombard st
Tennant Wm. esq. Little Aston hall
Tyson Mrs. Mary, Liswis hall
Vaughton Robt. Esq. Wall
Ward Henry, esq. Beacon st
White Rev. Henry, Vicarage
Woodhouse the very Rev. John Chappel, Close
Not otherwise described are day Schools.
Allport Jas. Ade st
Chatterton Sarah, Dam street
Dennis Eliz. (ladies brdng & day) Sandford street
Edwards James Edward (gent’s. Boarding & day) Bird st
FREE GRAMMER SCHOOL. St. John st. – Rev. Cowperthwaite Smith maste
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Holmes William East, Wade st
Weldhen William, St John st
Allen William, Bird st
Hudson Sarah, Butcher row
Smith Richard, Boar st
Johnson John, Boar st
Mear John, Sandford st
Riley Robert, St John st
Littleford Edward, Tunstall pool
UNION MILL COMPANY, Frog lane – William Allen, clerk
Woodward Thomas, STOW MILL
Collins Joseph (wholesale & retail) Tamworth st
Langley Thomas, Sandford st
Cornock William (and hosier and
Webb manufacturer) Market st
Hunt John, Stow st
Marson Richard, Boar st
Bridgewood George, Dam st
Woodroffe William (and leather dresser) Sandford st
ASYLUM (life) T. G. Lomax, Bird st
ATLAS, Francis Eggington, Tamworth st
BIRMINGHAM, Thos. Rutter. Market st
COUNTY (fire) & ROVIDENT (life) John Profitt, Market st
GLOBE Wm. Cartmale, Stow st
NORWICH, Joseph Smith, Market st
ROYAL ECHANGE, Edward Bond, Dam st
SUN, Richd, Webster, Boar st
Emery Robert, Dam st
Morgan Thos. Thynne, Market st
Burn Peter, Boar st
Meredith Wm. (& breeches aker)
Allen William, Bird st
Allsop Charles, Sandford st
Budd John, Tamworth st
Cartmale William, Stow st
Gillard William (and register office for masters & servants) Boar st
Kidger Joshua, Bird st
Mallet Thomas, Tamworth st
Proudman Daniel, Green hill
Ready Thomas, Tamworth st
Sherratt John (& tallow chandler)
Market st
Smith Rich. (& confectioner) Boar st
Woodward Thomas, Market st
Barnes Thomas, Bird st
Cooper -, Boar st
Fenton John, Bird st
Godwin William, Bird st
Holland Benjamin, Tamworth st
Sharp William, Market st
Twyford Mary, Bread market st
Wright John, Butcher row
Proffitt John, Market st
Trigg Samuel, Bird st
George Hotel, Thos. Taylor, Bird st
King’s Head, Thomas Philip Burton, Bird st
Old Crown (commercial) Benjamin Mansell and William Mansell, Boar st
Swan Hotel, Thos. Dunn, Bird st
Talbot (commercial & excise office) Thomas Jones, Bird st
Three Crowns, Jos Cato, Market st
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Old Golden ball, John Potts, Tamworth st
Old Gresley Arms, Henry Hutchinson, Gresley row
Queen’s Head, William Willdey, Boar st
Robin Hood, John Page, St John st
Royal Oak, Chas. Houldecroft, Sandford st
Scales, Ann Hill, market st
Seven Stars, James Ablaster, Stow st
Ship, John Walker, Sandford st
Shoulder of Mutton, Rd Bird, London rd
Tankard, Joseph Slater, Sandford st
Turk’s Head, Jane Godwin, Sandford st
Wagon & Horses, Geo Burton, Green hill
Wheat Sheaf, James Shrigley, Bird st
Wheel, Francis Upton, Beacon st
White Lion, Rebec. Callow, St John’s whf
Windsor Castle, Robert Jackson, Dam st
Woolpack, John Bird, Boar st
Baker John (music) Bird st
Bennett Matthew (dancing) Close
Birch Miss E. (music) Tamworth st
Hewitt John (music) Beacon st
Hunt John (Music) Boar st
Spofforth Saml. (music) Beacon st
Craddock Francis, Boar st
Harper Hobert, Dam st
Godwin Wm. Joseph, Bird st
Robinson Thomas, Market st
Slater William, Boar st
Stripling Thos & Wm. (& silversmith & jeweller) Bird st
Vale William Edward, Boar st
Beckett George, St John st
Gregory Sl. (& millwright) Sandford st
Hall Samuel, St John st
Dodson George, Beacon st
Hall Thos. (British) Tamworth st
Hewitt Charles, Beacon st
Jackson William, Bird st
Webster Richard & Co. Boar st
Allport James, clerk of St Mary’s, Wade st
Barlow James, gunsmith & cutler, Close
Bawn Thomas, poulterer, Market st
Bennett Charles, vicar choral, Close
Binns James, bed & mattress & mop & mop yarn manufacturer, Ec. Stow st
Blood Jas. Fishmonger, Tamworth st
Bostock Thos. nail manufctr, Dean’s row
Brown Richard, lime burner & coal dealer, Birmingham road
Brown Richard, lath mender, Sandford st
Bucklow John, vicar choral, Close
Callaway Wm. stenciller, Wade st
Charles John, police officer, St John st
Collins Joseph, tea dealer & agent to the London Wine Co. Tamworth st
Denstone Thos, carver gilder, Dam st
Edge Samuel, excise officer, Beacon st
Ferneyhough John, verger and clerk to the cathedral Ec. Close
Gillard William, cryer of the court of general quarter sessions of Stafford, Boar st
Godwin Sarah, toy dealer & perfumer, Bird st
Hall Thomas, accountant & law stationer, Tamworth st
Haywood Ts. Clerk of St Chads, Green hill
Leach & Corbett, cotton warehouse, Lombard st
Lees James, vicar choral, Vicarage
Mathers Geo. Clerk of St Michael’s green
Matthews James, vicar choral, Close
Moon Henry, umbrella maker Gresley row
Moore Wm. surveyor of taxes, Tamworth st
Nevill Geo. steel mill manufactr. Bird st
Nutt John, verger, Close
Prittett Jno. governor of the city & county STAMP OFFICE, Tamworth st – Francis Eggington, distributor
Strawbridge Jos. cork cutter, Lombard st
Tunstall Bradbury, tarpaulin sheet manufacturer, Sandford st
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(from the North) call at the Dolphin, Boar st, three times a week
TO BURTON, John Dainty, from the Dolphin, & Wm. Geary, from the Goat’s Head, every Saturday afternoon.
TO DERBY & BURTON, John Shackles (from Birmingham) calls at the Old Golden Ball, every Wed. Fri. & Sun.
TO LEEDS, and all parts of the North, G. Wheatcroft & Sons, Fly Wagons call at the Dolphin, three times a-week.
TO RUGELEY, Joseph Boswood, from the Nelson, every Monday morning.
TO SHEFFIELD, John & Wm. Ashmore (from Birmingham) call at Sarah Hudson’s, Butcher row, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
TO STAFFORD, Joseph Hallam, from the Goat’s Head, and John Sweep, from the Dolphin, every Friday afternoon.
TO TAMWORTH & ATHERSTONE, William Harris, from the Goat’s Head, every Tuesday morn.
TO YOXALL, the Mail Cart from the Little George, every day (Sundays excepted)
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Hay Mrs. Elizth. (ladies boarding Shenstone)
Holmes Miss (ladies bdg) Pipe hill
Hudson Misses
(ladies’ boarding & day) Boar street
MINORS’ FREE SCHOOL, Boar st. – John Clifford, master
Mountford & Holmes (ladies’ bdg.) St John street
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Frog lane- William Allen, master (& special bail commissioner for Staffordshire and the adjoining counties)
Sutton Misses (ladies’ boarding & day) Lombard street
Willdey Joseph, Sandford st
Johnson Thomas, Tamworth st
Potter Joseph, St John st
Askin Edward, Sandford st
Bond Edward, Dam st
Bond William, Dam st
Dyott Phillip (& under sheriff) Boar st
Gill William, Dam st
Hinckley Thos. & Richd. Beacon pl
Parr Thomas Gnosall, Bird st
Robinson Cs. Barnes, Hill Ridware
Sharratt Francis, Dam st
Simpson Charles (and town clerk) Tamworth street
Wyatt Edward, Market st
Harris Richard, Market street
Bailey Wm. (& grocer) Stow st
Barrett John, St John st
Coxon John, Green hill
Croft Samuel, Butcher row
Johbern Thomas, Boar st
Johnson Edwd. (& grocer) Beacon st
Nevill Joseph (& maltster) Bird st
Smith John, Sandford st
Robinson Thomas, Tamworth st
Palmer & Greene, Market street - (draw on Smith, Payne & Smiths, London) office hours, from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon
SAVINGS’ BANK Frog lane – Wm. Allen, actuary
Heywood Francis, Butcher row
Morgan James, Wade st
Acton Charles, Market street
Danks Thomas, Sandford st
Knott Jon. (& farrier) Lombard st
Sandland Charles, Wade st
Sandland Wm. (& farrier) Beacon st
Walker John, Sandford st

Acton Charles (and whitesmith) Market st
Bird William, Market st
Morgan Thomas Thynne (& broker) Butcher row
Peake John, Market street
Rutter Thomas, Market st
Taylor William, St John st
York Joseph, St John st
CIRCULATING LIBRARY, Henrietta Shaw, Bird street
PUBLIC LIBRARY, Close-James Lees, librarian
Bickley William (& tea dealer Ec.) Market st
Marshall Joseph, Bird st
Moore John, Bird st
Robinson & Co, Market st
Sale William, Boars st
Smith Joseph, Market st
Snape William, Market st
Webster John, Bird st
Halberd John & Son, Market place
Halberd William, Boar st
Rutter Thomas (& nail manufactr.) Market st
Bond John, Green hill
Dean Francis, Tamworth st
Dunn Thomas. Sandford st
Gilbert John, (& bricklyr) Green hill
Greenbough Richard, Beacon st
Higgins Wm. Tether, Tamworth st
Kennedy George, Dam st
Key Thomas, Lombard st
Mould Mary, Market st
Nevill James, Lombard st
Saunders William, Frog lane
Smith Francis, Lombard st
Smith Thomas, Beacon st
Suthers John, Tamworth st
Tooth Richard, St John st
Webb Charles, Boar stWebster Richard & Co (and
op dealers) Boar st
Wildley Chas, Sandford st & Lombard st
Wildley Wm. and spirit dealer) Boar st & Frog lane
Woolley George, George lane
Woolley James, Boar st
Allport Mary Ann, Wade st
Godwin Catherine (& stay maker) Bird st
Hinkley Ann Gresley row
March Ann, Market st
Meers Mary, Boar st
Purden Ann (& straw hat maker) St John street
Ready Mary, Boar st
Saunders Sarah, Close
Wiles Maria, St John st
Yeld Hannah & Susannah, Market st
LICHFIELD MERCURY (Friday)- George Wm. Hinde, Sandford st
Clerk Thomas, Bird street
Sedgwick Joseph, Boar st
Batkin William, Stow st
Jackson William, Beacon st
Riley Thomas, Beacon st
Stanley John, Tamworth st
Stringer Charles, Butcher row
Jones Trevor, Beacon st
Perks William, Boar st
Adey Thomas, Boar st
Perks William, Boar st
Wood John, (& painter) Market st
Worthington Thomas, St John st

Walthew Wm. hatter’s furrier, Market st
Ward Jno. supervisor of excise, St John st
Webb Jos. coach proprietor, St John st
Willcox Barnaby, pattern mkr, Tamworth st
Winslow Jn. cork cuttr & grocer, Tamworth st
TO LONDON, the Royal Mail (from Liverpool) calls at the George & Swan Inns alternatively, every morning at half past-eight; goes thro’ Coventry, Stoney Stratford, Dunstable & St Albans – the Royal Mail (from Chester & Holyhead) calls at the George Inn every afternoon at half-past three; goes through Atherstone, Hinckley, Northampton, Woburn, Dunstable, St Albans, Ec. – the Alliance (from Liverpool) calls at the Swan Inn every evening (Sunday excepted) at six; goes the same route as the Liverpool mail - the Express calls at the same Inn every morning at two; goes thro’ Birmingham, Warwick, Daventry, Towcester, Stoney Stratford, Dunstable & St Albans, Ec. - the Umpire calls at the Turk’s Head, every night (Sunday excepted) at twelve; goes the same route as the Chester and Holyhead mail – and the Herald (from Manchester) calls at the King’s Head, every morning (Mondays excepted) at half past-two; goes thro’ Tamworth, Atherstone, Coventry, Daventry, Towcester, Stoney Stratford, Dunstable, St Albans Ec.
TO BIRMINGHAM, the Royal Mail (from Sheffield) calls at the George & Swan Inns alternatively, every afternoon at two – the Amity, calls at the Talbot Inn at the same hour – the Telegraph calls at the George & Swan Inns alternatively, every evening (except Sundays at six – the Devonshire calls at the same Inns alternatively. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon at five – the Express (from Manchester) calls at the George Inn, every afternoon at five – and the Cobourg, from the Angel, every morning at eight.
TO CHESTER and HOLYHEAD, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the George Inn every morning at ten goes through Stafford, Nantwich Ec.
TO LIVERPOOL, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the George & Swan Inns alternatively, every morning at 9; goes thro’ Stone, Newcastle, Congleton, Knutsford & Warrington - the Alliance, calls at the same Inns alternatively, every morning (Sundays excepted) at six – the Express calls at the Swan Inn, every afternoon at nine; goes through Stone, Stoke, Burslem, Knutsford, Warrington, Ec. – and the Umpire calls at the Turk’s Head & Swan Inns alternatively every morning (Mondays excepted) at six; goes the same route as the Mail.
TO MANCHESTER, the Express (from Birmingham) calls at the George Inn every morning at ten; goes thro’ Uttoxeter, Cheadle, Leek, Macclesfield – and the Herald, (from London) calls at the King’s Head, every morning (Mondays excepted) at nine; goes thro’ Stone, Newcastle, Congleton Ec.
TO SHEFIELD, the Royal Mail (from Birmingham) calls at the George and Swan Inns alternately, every morning at eight; goes thro’ Burton, Derby, Ripley, Higham and Chesterfield – the Amity calls at the Talbot Inn every morning (Sundays excepted) at eight; goes the same route as the Mail - the Devonshire calls at the George and Swan Inns alternately, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings at nine; goes thro’ Uttoxeter, Ashbourne, Bakewell, Ec – and the Telegraph calls at the same Inns alternatively every morning (Sundays excepted) at eleven; goes thro’ Burton, Derby, Chesterfield, Ec.
TO WOLVERHAMPTON, the Mail, from the George and Swan Inns alternately, every afternoon at half-past two.
TO LONDON, all goods are sent by way of Birmingham.
To ATHERSONE, - Hudson, from the King’s Head, every Saturday.

– and – Robinson, from the King’s Head, every Friday afternoon.
TO LONDON, Crowley, Hicken & Co.’s Fly Boats (from Wolverhampton) call at Robinson’s wharf every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday – And to the North of England, Ec. Pickford & Co.’s Fly Boats, pass and re-pass Bromley wharf, every day.
TO DERBY & BURTON-ON-TRENT, Thos. Best’s Boat (from Wolverhampton) calls at Robinson’s wharf, once a-week, day uncertain.
TO SHARDLOW, Thos. Danks and Co. And Crowley and Co’s Fly Boats (from Wolverhampton) call at Robinson’s wharf, once a-week, day uncertain.
TO WOLVERHAMPTON, Crowler and Co.’s Fly Boats (from London) every Sunday, Wednesday & Friday - Danks and Co. (from Shardlow) and Thomas Best (from Derby, Ec.) call at Robinson’s wharf, once a-week, day uncertain.