Cannock Parish Directory 1834 (Page 488 & 489)



POST OFFICE, at John Cook's, tailor;
Letters from all parts are received by a penny post from Walsall at 11 mg. and despatched at 2 aft. daily.

Barlow Richard, castrator
Biddle Wm. tailor
Collis Rev. Wm. Blow, incumbent of Norton Canes
Cope Wm. plumber, glazier, and painter
Cotton Wm. corn miller
Field Miss Penelope
Gilpin Geo. mfr. of edge tools, augers, & c. Wedges mill
Greenway Rev. Charles, (Ind.)
Haddock Mary, blacksmith
Hall Mrs Mary
Harvey Mrs Sarah
Jenney Rd. Esq. barrister
Knight Mrs Sarah
Lawrence Wm. joiner
Marshall Mttw. horse breaker
Marshall Wm. farrier & druggist
Paddock John gardener




Beer Houses.                                          Watwood Jas.
Belcher Wm.                                        Shopkeepers.
Sellman Thos.                                     Bailey Robert
Smith Samuel                                     Buxton Jph. (& saddler)
Butchers.                                                Hall Thomas
Benton James                                     Wright Samuel
Corns John                                           SURGEONS
Lindop Thos.                                       Downes Wm.      
Worsey Nathl.                                     Holland Trevor Latham
Grocers and Drapers.                          Wheelwrights.
Brassington My                                  Brindley Jph.
Cope Wm.                                              Fellows Geo.
Hall Thomas
Smith Samuel

COACHES from the Crown Inn.
The Red Rover, to London, at 3, and to Manchester at 1/2 p. 9 mg; the Aurora to London, at 1/2 p. 3, and to Liverpool, at 10 mg; the Railway, to London, at 8, and to Manchester, at 11 night.
CARRIERS. -- Thos. Barns & Wm. Shaw, to Walsall, Sat. and to Wolverhampton, Tues.; and Jas. Gibson, Wed.

Bailey James, farmer
Brindley Charles, farmer
Darling Thos. land agt. Chestal
Greatrix Thos. farmer, Lodge
Hodson James, vict. Parkgate

Fletcher Mrs Mary
Massey John, vict. & maltster, Cross Keys
Peel Edmund, Esq. Lodge

Beer Houses.                                           Forester Wm.
Hitchins Jph.                                         Gooch George
Martin Edw.                                          *Thackray Geo.
Blacksmiths and Farriers.                   Walbank John
Benton Robert                                      Horse Trainers.
Grimley Thos.                                       Arther Henry, (& jockey)
Farmers * are Yeomen                      Flintoff Thos.
Beard John                                              Lord Samuel
*Benton Danl.                                       Sanders Saml.
Benton George                                      Spencer Rd.
*Benton John                                        Nail Makers.
Clewly David                                          Jenkins Thos.
Dean Wm.                                               (& shopr.)
Eaton Robert                                         Sanders Hy.

Parkes Mrs Ann
Poyner Joseph, farmer
Sant Edward, gent.
Sheil Rev. John, inc. curate
Shenton Thomas, farmer
Spring John, jockey
Stubbs George John, gent.
Tomlinson George, bricklayer
Tompson Mr Wm.
Tompson & Worsey, wool dlrs.
Worsey Mr Charles

Cock, Wm. Henshaw, Wedges mill
Crown Inn, Thos. Leadbeater
Roebuck, John Smith
Royal Oak, Edw. Withnall, (& bricklayer)
White Swan, Daniel Grocutt

Academies.                                       * Sheridan Daniel Taite
* are Boarding                                * Wright Misses
Hordern Ann    
Lightwood John                             Bakers.
National, Saml. Wilson              Bailey Robert
& Ann Read                                      Ganderton Jno.

*Sheridan Daniel Taite
*Wright Misses


Bacon Thomas, farmer
Goodwin David, farmer
Harvey John, beer house
Jennings Charles, farmer
Shemilt Mr William
Tolfree John, malster

Marked * are at Reaumore Hills
Byrch Mr Henry
Greensill Wm. vict. Swan
Holland Richard, gent.

Cooper Chas.                                     Paget John, Kingswood
*Hall Thos.                                        Stokes Thos.*Wood Michl.
Holmes Wm.

Marked 1 are at Church Bridge, 2 Landy Wood, and 3 at Wyrley Bank
1 Bettson John, draper & grocer
Edgerton W. vict. Bird-in-Hand
1 Gilpin Geo. steel converter, & edge tool, & c. mfr.
Greensill John, wheelwright
Greensill Joseph, vict. Swan
1 Hall John, corn miller
3 Hall Mary, butcher
Harvey Wm. shoemaker
Lewis Thomas, cooper
Marshall Rd. blacksmith
Smith Edw. agricl. machine mkr.
Smith Fras. butcher & shopkr.

Beer Houses.                                      Cartwright Foxhall, Jacob's hall
Bate Saml.                                         Creswell John
Farnhill Saml.                                  Evans Eliz.
1 Purshouse William                     Fisher Wm.
Smith Wm.                                        Green James
1 Webb Wm.                                      Green Robert
Coal Masters.                                     2 Hatton John
1 Gilpin Geo                                       *Hatton Thos.
Graham C.E.V. Esq.                         Hickman Wm.
3 Poyner Hy.                                      2 Jones Thos.
Sayer & Smith                                   *Lycett Jph.
Farmers. *are Yeomen.                   *Messenger Charles
Benton John, Jacob's hall            3 Poyner Hy.  
1* Bettson Thos.                              Sayer Edward
* Bird Widow, (& butcher)          *Smith Wm. & John