Burntwood Park

Ron Bradbury of Burntwood Chase Heritage Group recalls his school day memories in Burntwood Park, in an article that appeared in the Burntwood Post on 3rd March 2011

Below is an extraction from that article © of The Burntwood Post

‘The photo’s this week have a great significance to me as I spent many an happy day in my early schooldays roaming around Burntwood Park. The par had two distinct areas: ne was the recreation part the other was what we kids called the Flower Park.

The Flower Park runs, as it does to this day, along the Cannock Road. The locals then always referred to the road as Cannock Hill, or sometimes Cannock Knob; we kids preferred the former.

To venture into the flower park was an adventure, as for some reason we always felt that it was a no-go area and only there for grown-ups and a show area for the park-keeper who often chased us out when all we were doing was sitting on a bench. On our trudge up the hill on the way from school, we always walked through the bottom gate and through the park to the top gate.

We did the same only in reverse on way to school unless we were in a hurry because we could hear the school bell even from almost home.

The photo shows the big swings. It was probably taken just before the war, as most of the iron railings were not there before I frequented the park, and were most likely take down in the war  effort’.