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Otway Randal Percy Oliver PLUNKETT, 15th Baron Louth
Otway Randal Percy Oliver PLUNKETT was born on the 26th April 1892
Otway was the son of Randall Pilgrim Ralph PLUNKETT, 14th Baron Louth and his first wife Eugenie de Miaritze Bellairs who he married on the 18th March 1890
Otway's father was an officer in the Westminster Dragoons and the Wiltshire Regiment, and served in both the First and Second World Wars. He sold most of the estate soon after the 1903 Wyndham Land Act. He is the last of the family to be represented in the Louth Papers. Although he was not prominent in politics, he did take part in public life. He was a member of the Irish Reform Association, and took part in the campaign for a Catholic University. In politics he was a Unionist. His papers show that he was an active sportsman and also travelled widely
Otway married Ethel Molly GALLICHAN (the daughter of Walter Johne GALLICHAN of Jersey) on the 4th July 1927
Following the death of his father Randall Pilgrim Ralph PLUNKETT, 14th Baron Louth on the 28th Oct 1941, as the only surviving son, he became the 15th Baron Louth
The house and demesne at Tallanstown were also sold, some years after the estate, and the family settled in Jersey
Otway died on the 3rd February 1950 and was buried in Christ Church Cemetery, Burntwood
1892  1950
Otway's death was registered at Lichfield Registry Office as Oliver O P PLUNKETT, in the January / February / March quarter of 1950 Volume 9b page 228

Otway was succeeded by his son Otway Michael James Oliver PLUNKETT (born 19th August 1929) who became the 16th Baron Louth

Not much is known about Otway Randal Percy Oliver PLUNKETT and it is not known why he was buried in Christchurch Cemetery, Burntwood. Perhaps he was a patient at the nearby Saint Matthew’s Hospital and he may have died there
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